Blank is an epic adventure in miniature scale, a completely original, heartwarming love story filmed entirely in practical stop-motion.

In search of his lost soul mate, an unpainted Vinylmation finds himself on a quest that alters the destiny of his entire world. 

The story within BLANK is a simple tale of learning to be yourself, and how to express who you really are through creativity; all of these lessons are tied to an adventure of two lovers pulled apart, and they each go to great lengths to reunite. But the story around BLANK, around how it came to be, is something that will always be very special to me – 

The five of us (myself, Paul Foyder, Regino Roy III, Whitfield Scheidegger, and Greg Shewchuk) who collaboratively directed this 45 minute film, we’re all professionally-working in stop-motion for the first time; which made for a rough / wonderful / overwhelming / exciting learning experience.

Everything we did, every problem we needed to find a solution for, was a completely new thing for us, from something as simple as rigging the characters with armature, to as complex as filming a 40 foot long hang-gliding sequence down the side of a snow-covered mountain top. It threw each of us into the world of stop-motion so fast and with such little time to second guess, that we really had no choice but to keep up. 

I fell in love with stop-motion during the production of BLANK.