Hello. My name is Mike Ambs. I live in Detroit and work in Los Angeles. I love to film things and read on the subway; I'm pretty sure blue whales are my power animal.

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Each day, since September 2010, I've been recording all the little moments in life.

52 Hertz


Imagine roaming the world’s largest ocean year after year alone, calling out with the regularity of a metronome, and hearing no response.

Inspired by a rare and beautiful song emanating deep from the Pacific Ocean.

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For Thousands of Miles

A profound, beautiful, enduring, mysterious and unexpectedly moving film.
— Robinson Devor
Viceland TV


OKAGA, a stop-motion short film from the mind of Tyler, the Creator.

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Long live #shortfilm


A collaboration between Google & Disney.

Two stop-motion short films

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Film Outline

Map out a bird’s eye view of your feature film.

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The Bridge

The Bridge

If we can put a man on the moon, we can get people from Burbank to LAX in 20 minutes during rush hour.

An open proposal to the Los Angeles MTA to reimagine the transit system by 2025.