'LONELIEST' is a project in three parts, inspired by a RARE and beautiful song EMANATING deep from the pacific ocean.

The Loneliest Mix is an audio project, sharing the beautiful and rare song of a hybrid blue whale, known by the name the Loneliest Whale, one mix-tape at a time.

A mysterious song deep in the open ocean draws a quiet young Kentucky woman down an atmospheric and inspired trail of scientific research, haunting fantasy and personal re-discovery; following the unpredictable depths at which people will go to feel a connection with something they have never seen, but cannot forget.

Imagine entering a dimly lit warehouse - there, suspended above you, is a kinetic life-sized whale sculpture. Constructed from thousands of mirrored triangles, each catching the light as it slowly swims in space. This is the Loneliest Whale, a twenty first century folktale.