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Each day, since September 2010, I've been recording all the little moments in life.

This project is one that I intend to carry on with for 50 years, and it is important to me in a few ways: these recordings help me remember the little things in life, and they help put the weeks, months, and years into a unique perspective.

The Week of

At the end of each week I create a 7x7 - seven moments at seven seconds each.

The Year of

Then, at the end of each year, I pull 1 second from each day to create a 1x365.

At the start of each year I send out an email with the latest 1x365. If that is something that sounds interesting, then you know the drill ↴

The Life of

I intend to make these little films for as long as I am physically able - compiling each one second moment into what will eventually become a several hours long piece. This project will take roughly 50 years to complete, and it will require that I never put down my camera. That I always share what I've been through - no matter how personal or painful. Here's to the years ahead.

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99% of these videos are shot with the camera that is always on me, my iPhone - allowing me to film an average of 25 hours of footage each year without cumbersome equipment ever getting in the way of a personal moment.