This project is two things; first, it’s a short 360 story that, really, in ways that have yet to be done, challenges the current limitations of visual structure in spherical video. And second, it’s a unique video-player to watch that short film. 

We’re trying to move away from the more documentary-approach of 360 stories... creating something that is not only visually cinematic, but that allows for a more complex narrative.. 

The way we are filming this short story needs a player that doesn’t yet exist, so we are building that player. We are approaching the production of this short film in a way that carries the viewer from scene to scene in a way that allows for less distraction than current 360 technology. 
A player that allows for a certain level of control in how audiences are moved from moment to moment, one that relies less on a viewer experiencing an “environment” in an open and almost unguided structure, and more on redefining the way a viewer experiences a 360 narrative.

We’ve developed a simple, lightweight short film that takes place in and around Los Angeles and we’re working with a developer to build a player that takes advantage of this filmmaking approach ... 

If you are someone who’s at all interested in filmmaking, especially virtual reality and 360, we definitely feel that this campaign is something you would be interested in - And if you’re someone who keeps a close eye on 360 experiences this is definitely going to be something new and something you’re going to want to be a part of. We are excited about making this film, sharing it with you, and presenting an example of what we believe will change the way people create and experience spherical narratives.