Not many documentaries are known for their beautiful original scores – at least when compared to the long list of narrative film scores – a few personal favorites that come to mind are ‘Fog of War’, and ‘Thin Blue Line’ (both of which were done by Philip Glass), there’s also the 2004 documentary ‘Tarnation’, which has an amazing theme written by Max Avery Lichtenstein. 

I knew long before production ever began, that this film would rely heavily on music, if not for any other reason than the main idea behind the film boiled down to two simple but opposing things: 1) the wide, birds eye view of a biker alone on the open road, and 2) the “sound” of missing that experience long after it’s over. 

Whatever that sound was, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you at the time, but I knew the way I felt about missing my own cross country bicycle experience, that feeling of nostalgia was musical in a way that I could never place.