Straddling the line between documentary and fiction, FOR THOUSANDS OF MILES is a unique road movie covering one man's bicycle journey across America in search of something meaningful. First-time director Mike Ambs delivers a visually stunning reflection on coming-of-age while exploring the vast promise of the American landscape. 

For Thousands of Miles shares the story of a young man’s forty-two hundred mile bicycle ride across the Northern United States; Larry McKurtis, at the age of 26, left for the Atlantic ocean, leaving behind the small town he had always known, in search of new things; new people; new places. 

In his mind he had always imagined the road to be full of adventure and happenstance, which it was, but in ways that were often unnoticeable to the passing traffic; the summer sunsets would burn colors in the horizon Larry would later be unable to describe; the fireflies would weave in and out of the tall midwest fields, with no one there to share in every detail of the world around him. The loneliness of the open road left him feeling alive, awake - himself in ways he was never able to be before. 

After 64 days, he reached the Atlantic, an ocean he had never before seen - and just as quickly and quietly as his trip had begun, it was over. His bed was just the way he had left it, the small town he had spent all his life in hadn’t changed an inch, but everything and everyone around him felt foreign for the first time.

What the young man never anticipated, was just how long his trip would go on after the road had come to an end.