since September of 2010, I’ve RECORDED at least 7 seconds from my every-day-life, at the end of each week, I edit together 7 of those 7 second clips to create a 7x7. 

The above clips are some of the earliest 7x7s, posted long before I knew this was going to become a project I wanted to record and share indefinitely. This project is important to me in a few ways… 

  • It helps me remember the little things in my life.
  • Being a strictly-structured project (no music, 7 second cuts only, etc), it helps me constantly stay recording / editing without becoming too overwhelming. Structure, I've found, is incredibly important in ongoing projects. 
  • These :49 videos allow me to quickly go back through the last year, creating a yearly-recap consisting of 365 1 second clips. 

If you’d like to see more 7x7s, you can do so here - and if you’re more interested in watching the (to be honest, much more entertaining) 1x365s, you can view those here