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Inspired by a rare and beautiful song emanating deep from the Pacific ocean.

The Loneliest LP is a vinyl project by Mike Ambs

Sharing the beautiful and rare song of a hybrid blue whale, known by the name the Loneliest Whale, one vinyl record at a time.

Each Loneliest LP comes with four things: 1) a unique numbered record with two special versions of the whale’s rare song, 2) a PDF of '12 Years Tracking 52 Hertz, 3) a typed thank you letter, 4) a brief description about the song and its origins. 

Side A / B

Two unique versions of the loneliest song in the world.

Side A

A special 20 minute loop of the 52 Hz whale's lonely song.

Side B

A mix of the lonely whale's song at 10x speed that after several minutes begins to slowly transition to real-time.


To celebrate Kickstarter's #make100 campaign, I'm running a limited pressing of Loneliest on vinyl. What better way to help ensure this unique story finds a lasting place in people's lives.